Trust the power - with solar panels for ships

With efficient and high-performance solar panels on your yacht or motor boat – you can rely on extra power and a long battery life

Use the Sunpower with Solar Panels for Ships

Solarship Panels ensure there is always Power on the battery and supply the system in any weather

– with roof mounted solar panels.

Power is important on board a ship. All instruments and tools depend on the power being supplied, even in bad weather. Therefore, it is important that the power is stable, and the battery is charging properly.

We have developed a unique software designed to recharge a boat’s battery with solar panels mounted on the roof or on the hull of the boat. It is astonishingly effective and many of our customers are delighted with the peace of mind it provides at sea.

The system also helps to ensure that the solar panels can supply 220 volts of power for the necessary electronic devices on board the boat.

Supply your battery with Solarship Panels - and you will never run out of Power​

About us by Green Energy Scandinavia is the operational part of the Norwegian parent group Green Energy. Our solutions are primarily delivered to the transport segments world-wide, specializing in buses, trucks and vans, but we are also delivering solutions to small ships/boats and caravans/campervans.

Self-developed electronics and software along with the best CIGS technology solar cells are the foundation of the company’s operations.

Our plug-and play systems, complete with video instructions, deliveries and assembly-course activities aimed at fleet owners and major installer companies is within our core focus and values.

We deliver “the Power of solar cells”.